Over the last few weeks I've had a couple opportunities to fly back home to Maine for work and thankfully managed to squeeze in a follow up shoot to a personal project with my favorite kids in the world. The first time around it just took a few dollars at the candy store to pay them off, this time around their sitting fee was raised to a few lego sets.

I didn't have a lot of time and by the time I got to this photo I was already running wicked late and struggling with the light; what had started as a perfectly moody cloudy sky quickly opened up to blazing, mood-killing sunshine. So I fuddled through the set and made do. I finally thought I had a "good enough" shot in the can when I started moving on to the next set up - however Simon had some ideas of his own that i was very quick to dismiss, convinced that I obviously knew better. He was a persistent little bugger though so while my assistant was walking the light through the woods to the next set, I haphazardly snapped a quick shot to make him happy. 

and then I looked down at my camera and saw what had just happened.

not even mad.